Come See Us On The Internet

Beginning Nov. 1, 1998, Lyle Greenberg Motorsports has a "World Headquarters" on the Internet. The address of the web site is: - but you knew that because you are reading this on the net!!!

The web site was created by one of our newest business partners, L&S Marketing. There are over 15 pages of information on our racing operation, our sponsors and our crew. There are great pictures of our car, as well as a pictorial of many other alcohol funny cars and dragsters. Through 12/28/98 the site has received ove r 2,500 "hits" (update: through 12/1/99, this site has over 30 pages and has received over 12,000 hits).

We have direct links to the web sites of two of our business partners. If you are involved with our racing program and have a web site, tell Lyle so he can get it linked. If you don't have a web site and want one, L&S Marketing can do it for you. If you are interested, call Shelly Liebman at (505)332-1281.

Let us know if you have anything specific about your business or yourself that you want us to highlight on the web site.

Here is a quote from Bob Wilson's Northern Thunder Drag Racing web site , where our site is listed in the "Top Ten" links.
"In the space of three months, Lyle Greenberg, Top Alcohol Funny Car racer, has put together a very good site. He's definitely on the fast track to success, with improvements coming every week. Some great photo galleries, race results and stories from the '98 season and even a great links page. (They must be great links, they've even got me there!). One of the best racer websites out there and sure to get better all the time. Keep an eye on it on a regular basis."

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