Photos from Lyle Greenberg's Top Alcohol Funny Car Campaign (1997-2002)


Burnout prior to the last qualifying pass at the 1999 NHRA Mile High Nationals in Denver. Photo by Autograph

Crew members Andy Johnson (left) and Blake Johnson look on while the car is warmed up prior to a qualifying pass at the 1999 NHRA Mile High Nationals in Denver. Photo by Chuck Springer.

Crew chief Robert Howard prepares to start the car for a warmup. Looking on is John Howard (left) and Les Harrison (right). Photo by Chuck Springer.

Robert Howard, Blake Johnson and Andy Johnson (left to right) look on as the warmup is completed. Photo by Chuck Springer.

Ready to pull out for another shot down the track. Photo by Chuck Springer.

In the staging lanes at Denver during the 1999 NHRA Mile High Nationals. We are always grateful for the use of Harrison Inglis' truck for towing the car. Photo by Chuck Springer.

A great night pit shot shows Andy Johnson and Larry Moran checking the bearings. It almost looks glamorous here! Photo by Mike Rudahl.

Shown checking out the car is Jim Archer (kneeling), Mike Brown (left) and Mark Hollander. Archer is a former Pro Comp and Top Fuel racer who, with Hollander, currently campaigns Mike Civelli's nostalgia dragster. Brown is Civelli's former driver who won many big races at the wheel of that car. Photo by Mike Rudahl.

This always make the hard work worthwhile. Lyle autographs a shirt for a young fan. Photo by Mike Rudahl.

More of that glamorous night pit work. Looking on in the far back corner are sponsors Larry and Sandy Kirk of Pit Mates. Photo by Mike Rudahl.

Phoenix Gang
The "Gang" that made the Arizona Nationals a fun, fast
time. Left to Right: Patrice and Harrison Inglis, Sandra
and Mike Martinez (SunMar Builders), Jeremy Sisneros,
Lyle Greenberg, Robert Howard, Andy Johnson, Blake
Johnson. Photo by Tom Tutera.
The Crew
The crew (Left to Right): Blake Johnson, Jeremy Sisneros,
Robert Howard, Lyle Greenberg and Andy Johnson.
Photo by Tom Tutera.

This photo was taken at about 450' as we were
marching down the track to the 5.84 second ET at
242 MPH that qualified us #8 at the NHRA Arizona Nationals in Feb. 1998. In the background is former national event winner John Hyland playing tag with the guardwall.
Photo by John Pattison (c)1999

Just about half track, the car is really up on the tires and making tracks for the finish line. This is also on the 5.84/242 run at the NHRA Arizona Nationals in Feb. 1998.
Photo by John Pattison (c)1999

And finally, a final shot as the car is at about 800' on
the 5.84/242 run.
Photo by John Pattison (c)1999

Here is a shot of the very ugly 1st round matchup
with Bret Williamson at the NHRA Arizona Nationals
in Feb. 1999. At this point our car was shaking badly
and is about to kick the rods out of the motor. Based
on the fact that Bret's car looks like it is heeled over
on its right side, he's having problems too.
Photo by John Pattison (c)1999

This is what she looked like after the blower
explosion. Note the blower is no longer attached
to the manifold, the burned up blower bag and
the gaping hole where the burst panel should be.
Photo by John Howard.

Blake Johnson is "Mr. Clutch". Here he muscles
the clutch machine back into the trailer. This
machine re-surfaces the discs and floaters after
every run.
Photo by John Howard

Robert Howard checks tire pressures in
preparation for another blast down the 1320.
Photo by John Howard.

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Off to another strong launch at the Div. 7
FMDRS at Firebird Raceway in Phoenix. The car
ran a 6.13 at 234 mph on this pass.
Photo by Gil Rebilas (c)1998

Stripped down for maintenance.
Photo by John Howard (c)1997

More maintenance - lots and lots of
Photo by John Howard (c)1997

When you take the seat out, its pretty busy
in the cockpit area.
Photo by John Howard (c)1997

Hmm... its used and its a car, don't really
know if its reasonably priced though!
Photo by Lyle Greenberg (c)1997

Burnout at the 1997 NHRA Mile High
Nationals in Denver.
Photo by AutoImagery, Inc. (c) 1997

It doesn't get better than this - cool car
and a beautiful New Mexico sunset.
Photo by Bruce Galbraith (c) 1997

Photo by John Howard (c)1997

Lyle suiting up in Albuquerque, July 1997
Photo by Lynne Howard(c) 1997

Photo by John Howard (c)1997

Photo by John Howard (c)1997

Photo by Bruce Galbraith (c) 1997

Photo by Bruce Galbraith (c) 1997

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