Last update 05/21/2000

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The Greenberg Motorsports rig on the road to Phoenix.
Photo by Chris Stinson.

Crew Chief Blake Johnson contemplates the next move prior to the 2nd round. Photo by Chris Stinson.

Crew chief Blake Johnson (hidden) sets the clutch, while (right to left) Chris Stinson turns the motor over, Ron Miller helps on the bellhousing, Lyle Greenberg and Frank Turrentine look on. Photo by Laurie Watts.

Frank Turrentine installs the pushrods. Photo by Chris Stinson.

Jeff Thomas continues to be a big supporter of the Greenberg team with his "" web site. Photo by Chris Stinson.

Laurie Watts is a local Arizona racer who races a front engined bracket dragster. She was a great help and brought much enthusiasm to our effort. Photo by Chris Stinson.

Left to right, Frank Turrentine, Blake Johnson, Lyle Greenberg and Ron Miller pack the parachutes prior to the 1st round. Photo by Chris Stinson.

Lyle Greenberg and Bob Gallio prepare to launch in their 2nd round matchup. Greenberg took the win. Photo by Chris Stinson.

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