May 9, 1999

After suffering a huge engine explosion in February at the Arizona Nationals in Phoenix, the Lyle Greenberg Motorsports team is nearly ready to hit the track again. A match race date in Denver next weekend (May 15, 1999) will see the team run the car at high altitude for the first time in 1999. They have been working hard, not only on re-building the damaged engine, but creating a tuneup that will allow the car to run well at 5,800 feet of altitude.

The list of items that had to be repaired or replaced is fairly large. The block has been completely freshened by Keith Black Racing Engines to repair the assorted "windows", cracks and damaged main bearing saddles it suffered when the two connecting rods broke in Phoenix. In addition, the block got a complete set of new sleeves. The crankshaft had to have 3 journals re-chromed. Three pistons had to be replaced. The clutch received a new "hat" and "donut" assembly and the bellhousing had new liners installed. Several bent valves have been replaced. The dry sump oil pump received some loving attention from the damage it suffered from junk being run through it and a connecting rod hitting it on the way out the side of the block.

As this is being written, we have about 3 hours of additional work to complete before the car is race ready. We will finish the work over the next few days and arrive in Denver Saturday afternoon ready to rock and roll. Check back here at the Lyle Greenberg Motorsports web site for details.

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