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To the surprise of nobody, Warren Johnson was the #1
qualifier at 6.92/199. What was a bit of a surprise was
WJ's 2nd round loss to Allen Johnson.

Eventual race winner Kurt Johnson squared off with Bruce
Allen in this qualifying match. KJ qualified #2 at 6.93/198,
while Allen got in the show at #14 with a 7.00/195. Bruce
was defeated in round 2 by Jeg Coughlin.

Mike Thomas (near lane) pounded into the field at #3
with a 6.95/197. He was defeated in round 1 by Bruce
Allen. Shawn Collins was a non-qualifier in the other
Pennzoil car in one of his final appearances prior to his
somewhat hasty departure from racing.

Robert Patrick continues to run impressively with one of
the few Ford cars on the tour. He qualified #16 at 7.01/
197 and was taken out by WJ in round 1. In the near lane
Mike Trumble shoed Dick Sherman's car to a 6.99/197
for the #11 slot. Trumble lost in round 1 to Jeg Coughlin.

For the nostaligia fans, Mike Bell showed with the
"Motown Missile". The name and paint are straight from
the 1970's when Don Carlton was a Pro Stock Hitter. Bell
was unable to muster the power necessary to qualify.

The Century 21 sponsored car of Tom Martino was a
surprise non-qualifier, able to run a best of 7.02/196.

Larry Nance was one of the many MOPAR non-qualifiers
as his 7.04/196 was only good for 9th alternate.

Darrell Alderman ran a best of 7.07/195 to miss the field.

Scott Geoffrion drove his Dodge to a 7.06/195 to miss
the ultra competitive field.

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